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GM Linear/Digital EGR System Test Kit

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Waekon 47062 - Electronic EGR System Tester
• Electronically controlled EGR system tester for GM Linear and Digital EGR systems. - Expanded coverage for foreign and domestic applications is available with the Waekon 47001 adapter kit (not included).
• No faster wayto pinpoint intermittent feedback sensors and EGR valves, NOx failures or enginer performance problems.
• Checks vacuum control solenoids, vacuum lines and EGR passages.
• Identifies intermittent problems that alternative methods including scan tools can't.
• Duty Cycle - complete control over valve opening. Find intermittent sticking or improperly seating EGR valves.
• Feedback Sensor Display - feedback sensor voltage over the full range of EGR valve motion.
• Solenoid Status LEDs - indicates energized, short, open.
• Glitch Capture - monitors feedback sensor for flat spots
• Solenoid Activation - three buttons allow you to manually energize up to 3 solenoids simultaneously.
• Kit includes: EGR tester unit, 2 adapter cables for GM Linear and Digital valves, comprehensive instruction/diagnostic manual, zippered storage case.